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Kimchi has been a staple of the Korean diet for centuries. This spicy fermented cabbage dish comes in many forms and is an essential part of a Korean meal. Lorded for assisting in maintaining optimum health, raw fermented kimchi is loaded with vitamins, but its biggest benefit is the "living healthy bacteria" called lactobacilli that is created during the fermentation process.  This good bacteria helps to replenish your gut flora which will aid with digestion, and not only is our range of kimchi good for you, it also tastes great! Bring your meals to life with Green St Kitchen's raw fermented kimchi.

Sauerkraut originated in China, having been brought to Europe during the Roman Empire. Pickled or fermented foods like sauerkraut were very valuable in the era before refrigeration, as it allowed food to stay fresh during long journeys. Many people associate sauerkraut with Eastern European countries where it does feature heavily in certain dishes, but it is truly an international favourite and now becoming a staple of the western diet.


Traditionally kefir has had a long history in Russia and other Eastern European countries, where it is renowned for its exceptional health benefits. However the new trend towards embracing fermented foods has brought kefir into the mainstream. Kefir is a thick fermented milk drink, similar to a drinking yoghurt. It has a distinctive tart, yet refreshing taste, with a slight effervescence. What distinguishes kefir from other probiotic foods such as yoghurt, is that it contains a broader range of beneficial bacteria along with yeasts, which work together to give kefir its exceptional health benefits. Kefir is produced by the kefir grains, which are a symbiotic community of bacteria and yeasts, these grains feed on the natural sugars to ferment the mylk , once the kefir is ready the grains are removed. Kefir has loads of health benefits, which include; healing the digestive system and liver, creating a strong immune system, enhancing hydration, recolonising and alkalising your gut, and it also possesses anti-tumour and anti-bacterial properties. 

Jamu is a traditional Indonesian medicinal tonic that dates back thousands of years, made from natural ingredients, including roots, bark, leaves and fruits. There many diverse types of jamu however most of them contain fresh turmeric as a base ingredient which gives the jamu its distinctive yellow color and earthy, slightly spicy taste. Turmeric has been used as a healing remedy by many cultures for hundreds of years but it is only recently that medical studies have been carried out to prove what Indonesians have always known – turmeric is one of earth’s most powerful ingredients for medicinal purposes, the active ingredient found naturally in turmeric, curcumin, is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, anti-depressant and pain killer. Here at green street we like to draw inspiration from the past and then add our little spin on to the new. Our version of jamu which we brew at the Green Street has even more healing benefits, while respecting the traditions and history of jamu tonic we also add a few extra ingredients for you to enjoy. We use locally grown organic turmeric, fresh ginger, lemon grass, Jujube berries, Navel oranges, black pepper, cassia bark (cinnamon) and coconut sugar. Rather than the tradition method of cooking jamu we “wild ferment” the brew in our fermentation room, during this process the brew is infused with all the healing goodness from the ingredients while the natural healthy bacteria can feed off the coconut sugar and flourish which produces a tonic that is teeming with living natural probiotics. The result is a rich turmeric tonic with hints of orange and spice, a little sweetness from the jujube berries and a light sparkle.