GSK CIY Soft Poached Eggs & Kimchi

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This light & healthy recipe is quick and great for breakfast or a snack at any time of the day.


  • Free Range Eggs

  • We have used a sprouted seed bread by @katssnacks but you can use any bread you like (we suggest using a quality sourdough or making your own sprouted bread).

  • Your favourite GSK kimchi or kraut (we have used wakame + pickled radish)

  • Fresh flat leaf parsley and/or coriander

  • Sea salt & cracked black pepper

  • Extra virgin olive oil

We all know how to poach an egg, but just in case you have forgotten, here is a brief lesson;


  1. Bring some water to a simmer, add a table spoon of vinegar (white is best).

  2. Crack your eggs separately into small bowls ready for poaching.

  3. Once water is simmering (not vigorously boiling) grab a spoon and start to stir to create a gentle whirlpool.

  4. Add your eggs one at a time, let them move freely around the pot.

  5. Let your eggs poach for 4 minutes, then lift them out with a perforated spoon and place on absorbent paper.


  • Lightly toast your chosen bread and place on serving plate, drizzle with some quality olive oil (or butter if you prefer) and sprinkle with sea salt.


There are many ways to spruce up this simple dish but we have kept this one simple..

Grab your favourite GSK kimchi or kraut (we have used wakame + pickled radish) and place a good spoonful on top of toasted bread, place your soft poached eggs on top and drizzle with more virgin oil and cracked black pepper.

Finish with a sprinkle of  fresh herbs.

Tip:  Some kimchi mayo is a great addition to this dish.

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