The GSK Deconstructed Sushi Bowl


At Green St we believe that healthy eating should be simple!

If you love sushi, then this one is for you…. We’ve taken all your favourite ingredients (+ a few extras) & put them in a bowl.
The best part, it’s slightly more filling than your average roll!

This one is about as simple as you can get.

Ingredients & method below.


Brown rice.

Our white miso + dry red pepper kimchi.

Dried Seaweed.

Tofu (firm).




Tsukemono (Japanese pickles).

Kewpie Mayo.

Sea Salt.

Chilli flakes.


1.     Cook brown rice.

2.     Dice firm tofu, sear in a hot pan with olive oil, salt & chilli flakes until tofu is golden brown.

3.     Dice zucchini, sear in a hot pan with olive oil & salt until zucchini is golden brown.

4.     Dice cucumber.

5.     Strain Japanese pickles.

6.     Slice dried seaweed sheets into strips

7.     Wash rocket.

To Assemble:

*You can add more or less of your preferred ingredients.

1.     Imagine your bowl is divided into 6 sections, starting with the rice, fill each section with an ingredient.

2.     Top with a generous tbsp. of kimchi, we’ve used white miso + dry red pepper kimchi.

3.     Finish with a handful of seaweed strips & a drizzle of mayo, or for an extra kick & to keep this meal vegan drizzle with our kimchi hot sauce instead.