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Our kimchi and krauts are fermented the wild way, meaning there is no starter culture used to initiate the fermentation process. The ingredients are exactly what is listed on the side of the jar - cabbage, salt, flavoursome ingredients and time.

 You can eat kimchi/ kraut with any meal and around 50 grams is a decent sized portion. It goes well in salads, burgers and sandwiches, on the side of grilled meats and vegetables or you could serve it with cheese and crackers for a pre-dinner snack. Otherwise just eat it straight from the jar!

Not at all!! Fermented foods have been consumed for hundreds of years and are essential to aid digestion, so just get into it.

Not at all!! These products are not medicine, they are just the healthier version to the current drinks on the market. They are low in sugar and full of good stuff so drink as much as you like.

Yes absolutely, our products are living foods so if not kept refrigerated they will start to ferment again. So to avoid bubbling product best you keep them in the fridge once you get home.

Our products have a long shelf life of 6-12 months unopened, however once opened, if kept air tight in the fridge products will not go bad before being consumed.